No Grain, No Pain -Dr. Peter Osborne

[No Grain,No Pain 29] Dr. Peter Osborne
Motion and exercise is critical to boost your metabolism and to bring oxygen and nutrients to both muscles and joints. The disadvantage of being sedentary is that it creates pain and inflammation in joints and muscles.
*Take a minimum of six thousand steps per day, preferably ten thousand steps. That’s the equivalent of about 3 to 5 miles depending upon your height and therefore your gait.
*Whenever possible, stand rather than sit, and use every opportunity to stay in motion.
*Several short walks are better than a single long walk and being otherwise being inactive.
Sunshine is critical for the production of vitamin D, which in turn helps control immune function and inflammation. Sunshine also increase your level of the hormone melatonin, essential for adequate sleep. Sleep, in turn, regulates levels of the stress hormone cortisol, muscle pain and weakness, as well as insulin resistance. Getting adequate sunlight is even linked to greater life expectancy.
*Spend a half hour a day outside, preferably first thing in the morning, expose to sunlight.
*Otherwise , spend time outdoor as early as possible.🌤☀🌈

Fire prevention & awareness talk

Someone attended a talk on ‘Fire prevention & awareness talk ‘ by a private co .
She shared points below:

Points learnt:

📌Never charge phone while asleep . Do it when you are awake . If it explodes you can save urself and family members .
📌Charge with glass top facing down, battery side up to release heat .
📌Never, never play with or talk on phone while phone is charging. Explosion risk.
📌When hp is hot, do not use. Our phones today too smart – current still going on . Using Wifi – battery very hot .
📌Men – never, never put your hp between your legs while driving – the high incidence of prostate cancer is alarming today .
📌Ladies , never never put hp on your skirt or thighs while driving – u will get female organs cancer & today these cases are up !
📌Never put power bank in your pocket – may expode .
📌Max charge 3 hrs – take off. Hp max charge 4 hrs – switch off .
📌Hp & power bank must put separately , never put on top of each other – because of heat increase – will explode .
📌Laptop never, never put in bed – the heat – very fast smoke , then fire .
📌Don’t put perfume bottles / lighter in car – will explode . Our beautiful pandan leaves give the best results .